Early Flintlock Blunderbuss by Grice dated 1744


A very rare early blunderbuss by Grice of London, dated 1744



A very rare early flintlock blunderbuss by Grice of London, dated 1744. This heavy duty blunderbuss of 33.5 inches with a heavy brass flared barrel of 18 inches, 1.5 inches internal bore at the muzzle. The stock made from elm with brass mounts and flat pinned brass butt plate. The lock of military form marked Grice and dated 1744 to the tail. Still in good working order, some knocks and small losses but after 278 years I think its done very well. William Grice of London worked from 1740 till 1780, so this is a very rare early piece. From private collection. English history of the period when it was made saw the Jacobite rebellion of 1745.