Presentation Flintlock Baker Rifle


A rare presentation flintlock Baker rifle, circa 1803.



A very rare presentation flintlock Baker rifle, circa 1803. This very unusual baker rifle has the feel of being made to measure. Of regulation form with it’s 30 inch,.625, seven groove, rifled Damascus barrel. The full walnut stock of 45 inches, slightly shorter than the normal and of a lighter and finer construction, regulation brass mounts except that instead of the wrist escutcheon, this has been replaced with a fixed recess for a peep sight. The rifle was presented to George Henekey of the Honourable Artillery Company, marksman. In 1803 because of the war in France, the Honourable artillery company formed a rifle company, George Henekey being one of there serving troops. The patch box is well engraved with the words Geo Henekey, H A Company, Janers ( number one ). Good overall condition and working order for a gun that has seen heavy use.