17th Century Buccaneers Sword Pistol.


A rare 17th century buccaneers sword pistol.



A very rare late17th century buccaneers sword pistol, circa 1680. This sword is a basic design to that of hunting hangers of the period and like some of these hangers incorporated a small pistol in the hilt. This particular sword seems to have been made for affect, with its serrated back to the blade. The basket is the giveaway feature as all hunting hangers tended to either have fine shell guards or a simple knuckle guard where as this sword has a heavy half basket which incorporates the pistol as would be necessary to defend against blows from an apposing sword. Twenty eight inches overall with a twenty two inch serrated blade. The turn-off .42 bore pistol with full working action contained within the antler grip. This is a very rare and interesting fighting sword from a period when short hangers were the favoured weapon aboard ships.