British Naval Marine Brown Bess Musket


A rare British naval marine Brown Bess musket.




A rare British naval marine Brown Bess Musket, circa 1800. During the Napoleonic period every commissioned naval ship had a number of marines on board as well as the regular crew, these were originally drawn from infantry ranks for sea service. The musket is in very good clean condition, some ware to the stock towards the muzzle but generally in good order. The model is a regulation India pattern musket with a 39 inch, .75 bore barrel, 54 inches overall. Full walnut stock with regulation brass mounts and steel ramrod. The lock in good working order and shows the Crown and GR cypher. The stock is showing various stamps, Arrow and BO ( sea service stamp ) , GR stamp next to the side plate, JW stamped at the end of the trigger guard tang, 1831 recommission stamp and a very faint scroll signature which was possibly the name of the marine who used it. A very interesting piece of history. In general the condition is very good.